Conservation subdivisions preserve the rural character of your community, protect wildlife and water quality as well as provide homesites where residents truly enjoy living with nature.

Landowners used to have only two choices - either continue to own their land and conserve it or sell it for development and see it destroyed.*

Conservation subdivisions provide the solution for those who are not in a financial position to preserve their land using traditional methods. Landowners can receive full equity while retaining up to 75% of their land's unique features and still allow the same number of homes to be built on the property.

*Parts from Conservare, a conservation development company in Woodstock, IL.
Full Equity
"Landowners who view their property as their 'pension' no longer have to destroy their woods and fields in order to retire with a guaranteed income, as their equity is not diminished."
    LandChoices' Advisory Group member Randall Arendt, the nation's foremost authority on conservation subdivision design, commenting on conservation subdivisions.

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